Acoustic laboratory

  • our company has the use of a nicely equipped accredited acoustic laboratory
  • we carry out certified noise measurement in the outside and indoor spaces of buildings, both in community and working environment
  • we prepare noise surveys for purposes of EIA documentation as well as various project documentation
  • for the modelling of noise surveys and to the visualisation of noise diffusion, we use high-tech hardware and software; we have the use of the software application LimA supplied by the Danish company Bruel and Kjaer

We prepare design of sound-insulation measures.

We are the holders of noise and vibration measurement certification in compliance with the Act on the Protection of Public Health, namely for the measurement of:

  • acoustic noise in protected outside spaces (SET G1)
  • acoustic noise in protected outside and/or indoor spaces of buildings (SET G1)
  • reverberation time (SET G4)
  • air traffic noise (SET G5)
  • noise in workplaces (SET G7)
  • vibrations transmitted to the human body (SET G10)

We have got a long-standing experience with acoustic modelling and certified measurement, namely also measurement of noise at workplace; we will provide all services related to this issue, including comprehensive consultancy as well as dealing with the public health authorities (regional hygiene station).