Acoustic laboratory

We have a long-standing experience with the acoustic modelling and the noise measurements, we provide all the services related to this issue, including comprehensive consultancy and negotiations with the public health authorities.

We perform certified noise measurements:

  • workplace environment (used to categorize work)
  • non-workplace environment
    • road / railway / tram traffic
    • stationary sources (heat pumps, HVAC, air conditioning, industrial parks, )
    • during the construction process
    • impulse noise (shooting, quarries, )
  • parameters of the building and room acoustics
    • airborne soundproofing
    • reverberation time

We also perform certified vibration measurements:

  • workplace environment
    • measurement of vibrations transmitted to the hands
  • non-workplace environment
    • measuring total vibrations in buildings (most often from the road and railway traffic)

Each measurement includes the final report with the comparison of the results with the noise limit (if the measured sources allow it). We have the first-class measuring instruments of the BREL & KJR and SVANTEK brands, which are regularly certified by the Czech Metrology Institute.

We also provide acoustic studies for all stages of the project documentation (including EIA report), we design noise barriers. We use CadnaA noise prediction software of the German company Datakustik to model and predict the noise propagation.

As part of the providing of the acoustic studies, we offer:

  • consultancy in the field of acoustics
  • assessments and evaluation of the road / railway / tram noise
  • assessments and evaluation of the noise from industrial parks
  • assessments of stationary noise sources (heat pumps, HVAC, air conditioning, lifts, electrical substations, diesel generators, boilers, music production, )
  • assessments and evaluation of the noise during the construction process
  • noise barriers layout (noise screens, embankments, earthworks, covers)
  • noise mapping of cities and municipalities