visualization and animation of construction projects

We provide, in cooperation with the company RTNext, comprehensive services in the field of visualization and animation of buildings and constructions, mainly:

  • 3D digital modelling
  • photorealistic visualization, drawing into photographs
  • animations, adding of buildings and constructions into a video clip of an actual setting
  • postproduction, edition, 2D animation
  • integration of background maps and video clips
  • addition of sound, dubbing
  • top quality aerial video footage and photographs

For traffic and other infrastructure constructions, the animation of a plan added into actual surroundings is an ideal form of its presentation to the lay public and to the experts. The combination of an animation, a real video clip and background maps enables to present a construction project illustratively and intelligibly. We prepare a script in the cooperation with a client while emphasizing the explanation of complex, and potentially problematic, sections of a construction.